About This Course

This course makes parents feel comfortable. It includes all of the information mandated by the state of California, plus a lot of other essential info that you aren’t going to get with other courses.

  • 30-hour course, broken up into short, easy to do chapters
  • Fun videos and 3D animations to keep it interesting
  • Created by professional educators
  • California State Approved

We want to make sure every teen who applies for their learner’s permit has a solid educational foundation.

How You Can Help

We provide both you and your teen a lot of support on the journey towards earning a learner’s permit, but it is important that you be directly involved in your teens driver education. That gives your teen the best possible chance of being a safe and responsible driver once they go solo. Remember to:

  • Be a role model for safe driving
  • Take the opportunity to talk about safe driving while on drives
  • Make it clear that safe driving is important to you

What About After the Course?

Teen driver’s ed is only the beginning. So we offer you all of the support you and your teen will need after the final test is passed. Some of these extra goodies include a free 50 question practice test to help your teen prepare for the permit exam and a Parent-Teen Contract that makes it easy to transition to this exciting time your child’s life.

While there is no doubt that helping your teen turn into a smart and responsible driver is a challenge, we provide you with invaluable resources to make it a lot easier.

Free Parent Teen

When your teen starts driving, they are going
to have a lot more freedom and mobility. And
that can lead to a lot more stress and conflict
if you aren’t prepared. It’s smart to establish expectations before your teen starts driving by themselves. With that in mind, we give you the Parent-Teen Contract with our course.

Our exclusive Parent Teen contract makes setting boundaries and expectations perfectly clear, so that you don’t have to.

Parent-Teen Contract


Don’t Settle For Less

Driving is serious business. Make sure you are fully prepared
with a driver’s education course that takes YOU seriously.

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